Client Participation & Return on Investment

client participation
Typically, the workload for the executive producer (that's you) is minimal. Your total time devoted to the production of a 10-15 minute video can be less then one hour per finished minute. You'll need to set aside a couple of hours to help us establish the goals of your film and agree on a budget, then spend a couple hours studying a proposed outline that we'll prepare for you. You may want to suggest on-camera participants and how to contact them. We may need you to help us arrange access to key locations for filming.

When the script is written you'll need to spend a couple hours studying it, and we'll make the necessary changes before continuing with production. When the editing is completed, we'll show you your film and seek your feedback. We'll make any final changes and then prepare your film for distribution. That's all there is to it- it's easy.

So, how do you go about choosing a film producer?
The open bid process can become a monster that consumes energy and resources that should go into making the film or commercial. While budget is always an important consideration, RFP’s that rely on a mathematical formula don’t help answer the basic question – does the filmmaker have the people skills, creative talent and logistical experience needed to produce your film in an efficient, timely manner?

We suggest that the best way to select a film company is to view as much of their work as possible, then meet the filmmaker in person.

the investment
Your film will be designed not only to fulfill its primary mission but also to serve you in other ways. Many of our films that were originally intended to boost sales or increase awareness of a service are also used for employee recruitment or orientation. They're being used to educate government agencies and key decision makers, even to secure financing and facilitate business mergers and acquisitions. Your film is an investment.

Amortizing Costs
Typically, your production will have a useful life of 5-10 years. Some of our films made 20 years ago are still in active use, delivering excellent value for cost.

Travel Cost
Because getting to locations and working in remote areas can be so critical to your project, we don’t mark up the cost of travel or lodging.